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Who we are

Whitney Public Strategies was created to fill a need that many small businesses and organizations have. Too often these organizations are caught up in day-to-day operations, trying to cover overhead, closing new clients, and actually performing the work that our community needs. Often, small businesses and organizations do not have the time or the resources to hire someone full-time to ensure that the all the good work that they do is publicized. Most people do not like to talk about themselves. It's weird, we get it. 

Here's the thing: in today's environment, your online reputation is everything. New customers will search the internet to find your services. If your company isn't online, you won't get business. It's that simple. Have an old, outdated website or maybe even none at all? You are missing out on a ton of jobs. Social media seem like a waste of time? Maybe to you, but 90% of your customers use it every single day, for 2 or more hours on average. That's a huge window of opportunity to show off your company and attract new leads.

Without a coordinated communications plan, your business will be wrongfully disregarded as inexperienced, inactive or even as a fly-by-night operation that isn't trustworthy.  If you aren't managing your reputation online, your leads will begin to dry up and your business will sink as more and more people look to the web for solutions to their needs.

Whitney Public Strategies creates project-based or continuous customized communications plans for your business that aims to do 3 things: 

1. Get your name in front of your potential clients. 
2. Keep your online reputation honest and current. 
3. Anticipate potential threats to your business. 

In addition to our core public relations services, Whitney Public Strategies provides media training services to take your business or organization to the next level. Well polished organizations have to be able to find ways to make headlines -in a good way. But what happens when the media calls and wants to set up an interview about your new project? You aren't a politician, and you don't speak on camera or in public very often.

We'll get you trained up to be calm, informative and persuasive- whether it be for a local TV interview, testifying at a legislative hearing, or simply addressing your board as its leader for the first time. This isn't amateur hour. Let's get down to business.  


Trevor Whitney- President

Trevor Whitney is an experienced public relations professional whose articulate, no-nonsense methods are a valuable tool to have at your disposal. A native of San Antonio, Trevor has written for a variety of publications and created award-winning public outreach campaigns. His experience in state legislative advocacy, policy research, national political campaigns, and online branding has provided the background needed to approach each project from every angle. Trevor is an Iraq War veteran, a husband and father, and a true believer that ideas are powerful. 

Trevor's passion is in helping small businesses, non-profit organizations and veteran advocacy groups thrive. For interview requests, email me here